[Shr-Devel] navit unusable now?

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Fri Jan 8 09:41:07 CET 2010

On 01/08/10 09:10, Patryk Benderz wrote:
> 	I am not trying to demotivate you, SHR devs, but you should really
> think over what Zoff said, because his point of view is really close to
> point of view of an average end user. Many times i saw something good in
> SHR, it disappeared few days/weeks later.

I am sorry if that is how the average end user perceives SHR development.

-Not trying to defend ourselves or anything, but keep in mind that SHR 
is not Debian with >1000 active devs. We derive from a highly unstable 
distribution (OpenEmbedded development tree), and much of that is 
outside our control. So stuff changing and disappearing might not always 
be our fault, we cannot check every change that goes into OpenEmbedded 
and we don't have the rights to veto those that we don't like.

-2nd, SHR did chose to live on the technology edge and using highly 
experimental stuff like EFL/elementary and whatnot, rather than sticking 
to good old gtk/qt. (and that choice can be questioned, of course). This 
means that functionality often breaks with each upgrade or functionality 
is simply not yet implemented.

-3rd, much of our functionality comes from 3rd party apps and we are at 
their whim: eg if mokonnect doesn't work or were not developed anymore, 
there is little the SHR devs can do about it. Similar with our 
technology backend: FSO. Currently there is only 1 guy working (unpaid!) 
on that and he is rewriting it in vala. So either we stick to the slow 
and unmaintained python prototype or live on yet another technological edge.

-4th There is a total of about 5-6 people active in SHR 
development/maintenance, none of them paid for it.
- mrmoku, Tasn are busy coding the phone app frontend
- dos is doing shr-settings, opimd and graphical stuff
- myself looking at shr-testing, fixing minor issues and annoying people :)
- Jama, heinerdvm helping out with distro maintenance

You see that there are very few people employed in our QA department, 
and our distro maintenance department is pretty small too (as people 
need to code apps). I am not saying "patches welcome", but if there were 
more people active, things were a lot easier...

As for Zoff's navit patches: If I remember correct at least 4 people 
agreed on that at least some of them were pretty hacky, but he is still 
very much welcome to help improving the navit configuration.

> I used to use SHR-testing, but
> many times it was as unpredictable as unstable version, thus i started
> to use QtMoko.

There have been a total of 2 updates so far, so it can't have changed at 
least. Besides the annoying "gsm failed to suspend" issue, I don't have 
issues in shr-testing ATM, and I don't have seen many trac tickets 
saying otherwise.

> BTW, thanks to Sebastian Spaeth (and others?) for making
> testing images. I am impatiently waiting for SHR-Stable :)

I am tempted to just call the existing snapshot SHR-stable :).
Let me know about things that don't work in shr-testing (and I don't 
mean feature requests with that, those go to shr-unstable :-))


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