[Shr-Devel] navit unusable now?

Zoff zoff at zoff.cc
Sat Jan 9 19:19:49 CET 2010


Martin Jansa wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 08, 2010 at 11:25:47AM +0100, Zoff wrote:
>> Hi!
> Hi!
>> whats really crazy is that JaMa's argument was installing 2 packages is sooo complicated.
> WTF? I never said that, maybe you don't understand the difference
> between having 2 additional recipes and having aditional packages in
> navit recipe. Separate versioning for those 2 configs is not needed, why
> I put navit-icons to separate recipe is described bellow.
you misunderstood.

>> but now you have to install navit by hand anyway, and you have to install 3 packages now!
>> navit, navit-locale-*,navit-icons
> Wow check size of navit-icons and how long it takes to upgrade that on
> neo even try it without swap and with quite full /var/volatile.. it will
> segfault sometimes.. that's why i separated navit and navit-icons and
> why I change navit-icons revision only if its really changed (not with
> every navit upgrade).
>> you install ONLY 1 package ->  (example): navit-austria-car
> This is quite terrible in my POV.. so if you want someone to commit that
> ask someone else (seems like spaetz is willing to do that). You've never
> responded to my e-mail asking for some change so I'm done with navit
> recipes. Do whatever you want with it...
again. i dont mean size, i mean if one user wants to install navit now, he has to install 3 pkgs.
i want only 1 pkg and the depencies will take care of the rest (see my tree below)

>> dependencies are:
>> navit-austria-car (the icons and some .xml files are in this package)
>> ->   navit-locale-de_at
>> ->   navit-icons
>> ->   navit
>>       ->   espeak
> bitbake at jama ~/build.dev.shr.gta $ ls -1
> ../tmpdir-dev-shr/deploy/ipk/armv4t/navit-locale-* | wc -l
> 43
> ah great then we should generate 86 packages and with every revision
> bump check if navit guys haven't add support for new language.
no, why should the locales get more?

> And creating something like that would need probably some bbclass
> change.. don't forget to sent patch for that too
>> from ./navit/main.c (current svn version!):
>>           if (getenv("LC_ALL"))
>>                   dbg(0,"Warning: LC_ALL is set, this might lead to problems (e.g. strange positions from GPS)\n");
> have you tried to add "unset LC_ALL&&" to Exec param in navit.desktop?
> it works for me
i also have this in MY desktop file.
i want it fixed for ALL users , not only for myself.

> And I still have
> Settings->Rules->Northing
> and
> Settings->Rules->Map follows device
> if it doesn't work, then its not so much SHR devs error.. sorry I cannot
> test if map follows device with every revision bump.. and yes maybe I'll
> upgrade revison only locally and never push it to SHR repo..
> Regards

ok i give up ...

"My malpractice insurance doesn’t cover alien autopsies."

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