[Shr-Devel] An app idea

Esben Damgaard maillist at hvemder.dk
Tue Jun 15 17:53:17 CEST 2010


I would like some opinions on my idea, so I'm writing here.

I miss an application that can show the available applications. So some 
sort of frontend to opkg. It should only show actual applications and 
not libraries, so to make this possible there needs to be a downloadable 
list the program can get of which categories/apps there are.
This could be something like opkg.org, except there would only be 
programs that are in the official repositories. But I like the concept 
that a lot of people can maintain the list of apps to show. I don't 
think the site should be used by end users though. If the site would be 
for end users, there would be a lot more work to do (so I don't like 

I could make both these things, but I'd appreciate some help with the 
Freerunner application. But if I'm going to work on the application, it 
should be made with Vala and elementary.
The web application I could easily make myself in PHP and MySQL. Nothing 
fancy, just something that does the job.

What do people think?


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