[Shr-Devel] as new default kernel for shr-unstable on om-gta0*

Martin Jansa martin.jansa at gmail.com
Sun May 15 13:46:59 CEST 2011

On Sun, May 15, 2011 at 01:06:58PM +0200, Sebastian Görgen wrote:
> Dear JaMa,
> I've changed also to your testing repo.

Thanks :)

> I've seen the following things:
> First the downsides:
> 2.6.37 seems to be more critical on bad blocks in NAND. With 2.6.34 I used the 
> NAND both with ubifs and jffs without any issues. Now with 2.6.37 I'll get 
> error message like "ecc checksum error", I/O errors and so on. I had to change 
> to boot from SD Card to get testing working

Are you sure it's caused by 2.6.37? did you also reflash new rootfs or
only changed kernel and opkg upgraded? because lately there were many
reports of ubifs/jffs2 not working after writting it with dfu-util, I'm
using nandwrite and both images ubifs/jffs2 are working for me.

GNUtoo reported that he had working images written with dfu-util only
after running nand scrub


> No power button LED lights to indicate charging or full
> GTA02 suspends even though USB cable is plugged in as Neil already mentioned. 
> Also Illumne Battery applet doesn't indicate state "loading" anymore
> I still can't dim the backlight down via settings -> Power -> Backlight. There 
> is seems that there is only backlight on/off included
> But there is a big plus:
> Battery usage went down a lot. 12 h of Standby took me only 8% Battery 
> capacity.
> Working things:
> GPS, Telephony, SMS
> As I'll changed from NAND to SD card I can't say anything about performance.. 
> Regards,
> Sebastian
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