[Shr-User] ANNOUNCE: new shr-testing image

Mikael Berthe mikael.berthe at lilotux.net
Sun Dec 6 12:47:57 CET 2009

* Sebastian Spaeth <Sebastian at SSpaeth.de> [2009-12-06 11:07 +0100]:
> Yep, stable and tested means older versions of the software, and this is
> one version before the volume levels were remembered, I think. I have a
> local upgrade of -testing running at the moment, that I will push in a
> couple of days.

Ok, looking forward to it!

> > - the micro is turned on before the vibrator is actually stopped, so
> >   the other party hears one or two vibrator rings when I pick up the
> >   call (it was already like this with the old unstable SHR);
> Tell that the shr-unstable guys :-). This is beyond what I can fix in
> -testing :).

Understood :)
Juste created ticket #767 about this.  I've left the default component
(SHR Image) as I wasn't sure which one was appropriate.

> > - many useful packages are missing in the testing tree (rxvt, vim, some
> >   new themes you mentioned for unstable like shr-theme-niebiee /
> >   shr-theme-neo) - will these packages be included?
> >   (I especially miss rxvt as I use it for remote ssh connections, and I
> >   couldn't see it in the latest unstable directory either...)
> At the time of the announcement, only the lite image had built. By now
> we also have the full image and the feed, so things should be there.

Great, many thanks!

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