[Shr-User] suspend and power off menu

Florian Schlichting Florian.Schlichting at fu-berlin.de
Tue Jul 7 10:28:32 CEST 2009

On 2009-05-24, Klaus 'mrmoku' Kurzmann wrote:
> Am Sonntag 24 Mai 2009 09:14:26 schrieb piratebab:
>> I got an SHR testing up to date.
>> The menu to power off (from power button or the X on screnn) is only 1
>> pixel wide.
> The solution is to update to a newer version of enlightenment - which 
> unfortunately did not yet happen for testing. We will have a new testing 
> within the next days with the menu fixed.

AFAIKS that hasn't happened yet, current testing is over two months old
and still displays this annoying error (a real showstopper for me).
Since the unstable image as of 03 July is so good, why not just migrate
that to testing? or are we waiting for MS1?


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